1.4 billion liters of water for Somaliland

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1.4 billion liters of water for Somaliland

Desalination Plant

„I’m tired of seeing hungering children, dying animals and devastated landscapes. When there is drought, everyone is talking about drought relief. But that's not enough. No one tackles the real issues, the source of all this. With your mandate, my fellow Somalilanders, we will change that! We will provide 1.4 billion liters of drinking water to you!“

- Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi

With your votes we will create an artificial fresh water supply that is capable of tackling the regular droughts and enhance the supply in times of no shortage.

Our long term goal is the construction of several reservoirs which provide fresh water for the cities and the fertile grazing grounds in Somaliland. All desalination plants and pumps will be primarily powered by renewable energies.

The artificial fresh water supply is based on sea water desalination, which will be the basis for a sustainable water cycle that includes not only the supply and distribution of fresh water, but also the management of rain water and erosion.

Our plan is to set up 4 desalination plants in Berbera, each one capable of producing 1 million liters of fresh water a dayout of sea water. The water will be distributed by approx. 370 tanker trucks, each 20,000 liter.


These plants will enables us to provide 1.46 billion liters a year. What could you do with this amount of water?

  • Provide 3 liters of drinking water to 1,333,000 people - every day
  • Provide the ideal amount of 5 liters of water to 734,000 goats - every day
  • Provide 0.87 liters of water to the annually 4.2 million exported goats  - every day


How are we going to pay for this?

  • Desalination plants: The initial investment for the plants will be born by the government's annual budget. With around 2 million $ per plant, the investment incl. installation, power generators  etc. will amount to approx. 10 million $.
  • Distribution: For the trucks we are going to arrange a lease agreement. The leasing costs will be around 16 million $ (incl. operation, maintenance and fuel) per year. These recurring costs will be covered by the recurring revenues from the land registry we are going to establish, that will allow the government to tax properties fairly, prevent fraud and tax evasion and thus increase the spendable income of the government by around 16 million $ after a short period of time. (A brief introduction here - more on this topic will be published shortly)


Apart from the production of fresh water, there are other issues within the sustainable water cycle we will take care of, such as:

  • Drainage 
    • Drainage will take care of the scarce rain water that currently just washes away the earth and then evaporates. Drainage enables the soil to take the water and lead it to the groundwater reserves. 
    • The construction of drainage is a simple but huge task. It is our goal to create several hundert manual labor jobs for the construction works.
  • Foresting
    • Plants aerate the soil so it is able to take water, increases the overall flora and fauna and is said also to be able to influence the micro climate in terms of air humidity and rain fall.


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