Livestock Support Program – Increasing exports and animal health

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Lifestock Support Program - Increasing exports and animal health

„Together we can increase livestock exports by 25% within the next 5 years, increase the GDP by 45 million $ and explore whole new industries.“

- Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi

Our goal is the introduction of a governmental „Livestock Support Program“ for the livestock sector to increase the animal export by 50% (25% within the next 5 years and another 20% within the following 5 years). The Waddani government will support this sector with infrastructural measures, especially with water provision in the most fertile regions of Somaliland. Further it facilitates the improvement of the livestock health institute to prevent further import bans and to explore new markets.


The way to go

The lands of Somaliland will be analyzed in terms of fertility, their possible agricultural use and accessibility. It is advisable to focus on the most fertile and most accessible areas when considering the manual water supply (from the sea water desalination plants) and to construct water reservoirs there. These reservoirs provide water for the livestock and later on for agricultural developments. Each reservoir will be equipped with pumps and - if possible with renewable - electricity supply. From those reservoirs pipes will be laid to the surrounding areas. The water then can be used to water the animals and to irrigate the land (via sub surface drip irrigation - wikipedia), grow plants and feed the animals.

In addition those reservoirs can also be used for aquaponic systems (wikipedia) to create an additional supply of food for Somaliland.


What are the key figures and financial projections?

We plan the construction of at least 5 water reservoirs, each with a capacity of 10 million liters. It is advisable to initially fill the reservoirs in times of no dire need of fresh water.

Construction cost of simple water reservoirs: 300 $/ccm
Capacity of each reservoir: 10.000 ccm
Construction costs per reservoir: 3 million $
Construction costs for 5 reservoirs: 15 million $
5 Diesel powered water pumps (10.000 liter/h): 4.000 $
Pipe works 500.000 $
Overall costs for reservoirs: 15.5 million $


How we will do it

  1. Identification of the most suitable areas for fertile grazing lands.
  2. Assessment of the locations in terms of accessibility and plants to grow.
  3. Project development of the reservoirs and each favorable application (agriculture, water stock for animals etc.)
  4. Construction of the reservoirs and underground distribution network of pipes.
  5. Initial filling during rain season.



What are the long term effects?

Since livestock is the main source of income for the people of Somaliland as well as the government, the effects are tremendous.

  • Huge increase of jobs in the livestock sector with the potential to create whole new industries such as meat processing
  • Huge increase of spendable income for the government that can be invested into the country
    • At a 50% increase of exports that would equal to around 90 million $ (based on the 2016 budget)
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