Lean Government – Part 2 – What it can mean for Somaliland

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Lean Government - Part 2 - What it can mean for Somaliland

„A light but strong administration for a bold and powerful economy!“

- Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi

In our first article we explained what Lean Government means in general. In this article we will have a look on what that could mean for Somaliland, what we want to improve and how that is going to benefit to you, the people of Somaliland.


1.  Reducing administration and cutting costs

It might be one way to lower unemployment by employing many people within the national administration, but that is not the way Waddani wants to go. The government, by nature, is not a competitive entity thus people working for the administration are not facing the same work related challenges as such people working in the economy.

If we as a country want to be competitive with other countries and if we want to improve our livelihoods, our economy has to expand and to improve. It is the economy that improves the livelihood, not the administration. We see the government in the role of provider of a framework which the economy has to fill. To adapt to new challenges and to react on new situations the government has to be agile, able to do so quickly. This is only possible with a strong but light administration apparatus.

Therefore we will do the following:

  • All administrative entities, be it on a national level such as ministries or at municipal level such as city halls, will be double checked for their performance and cost-effectiveness such as
      • ‚who does what‘?
      • are there two or more people working on the same cases?
      • are they working twice for one case?
      • could it be done by one dedicated person to free up the other one who can do something else?
      • what are the hurdles and what delays the process?
      • how can it be done better, faster and with better quality?
      • are there entities that do not perform at all?
      • do we need this entity at all or can it be done by an existing one as well/even better?

The answers to this will lead to a plan on how to improve the processes within those entities, where costs can be reduced and how the overall quality of performance can be improved.


2.  Improve efficiency and effectiveness through general standards

A big problem right now is that all administrative entities are working on their program and with little to no standards applied. That makes cooperation and exchange, especially of data, difficult to impossible.

Waddani wants to introduce general standards that ease such processes and improve cooperation between all entities. That will increase the overall performance of the administration and will lead to more satisfying services.

We will

  • introduce a standardized IT system within all ministries
  • introduce quality and process management (like ISO 9001 standards for management)
  • introduce a regular performance check for all entities with reviews and forecasts
  • ask the population for their opinion about the quality of services, their experiences and suggestions for improvement

By having a ‚Lean Government‘ we want to improve quality at lower costs, since all the money spend on the administration can’t be spend for the people and the country’s infrastructure.

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