Education and Youth Employment – Demand oriented curriculum and job creation

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Education and Youth Employment - Demand oriented curriculum and job creation

„ We are going to bring education and economy closer together. We want to offer students an education that prepares them for their career in the best possible way. In addition to that we will create jobs in Somaliland by scaling up existing industries and creating value chains - processing goods to a higher value..“

- Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi


  • The Waddani government will increase the salary of teachers by 100%
  • The Waddani government will cover 15% of tuition fees of all students
  • New, demand-oriented curriculum
    • A new curriculum will be set through a common initiative between the business sector and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the Ministry of Planning & Development as well as other public and cultural stakeholders to provide education that offers the knowledge and skills that are actually needed in the economy of Somaliland
    • Every year the curriculum will be checked for its relevance
    • In terms of society and community building, the goal is to move away from a tribalism and clan-based society to an open society that is working for the common good.


(Youth) Employment:

To create youth employment we will scale up the existing industries and explore new ones.

The main goals are

  • to keep money in the country through domestic processing
  • to bring money to the country through export


How many jobs will the following programs and measures create?

Conservative estimates are ranging between 9,000 and 12,000 direct and indirect jobs.


Concrete measures:


  • We are going to expand the livestock industry by increasing the infrastructure that is required to operate a flourishing livestock sector and thus increase the general output and export of livestock.
    • The infrastructure, especially the water infrastructure we will provide, will create jobs - during construction, maintenance and usage.
    • Besides that we will provide the framework for new industries based on livestock, such as meat processing, food logistics (cooling houses) etc.



  • It is our ambition to become Ethiopia´s trading partner of choice. The increase of imports and exports by Ethiopia in the coming years will lead to a higher demand in logistics and logistic related services in Somaliland. We will foster and strengthen this business sector by providing the infrastructure that is needed. That includes new roads but also business and logistic parks that offer the required conditions to operate those services on a competitive level.


Chemical industry

  • The desalination plants we are going to set up (link) will produce saline, water with a high concentration of salt. Saline can be processed to two very basic chemicals (saltic acid and lye) that are the basis of plenty of products (e.g. soap) and have a multitude of possibilities to use. Hence, they can be processed domestically or exported.


How do these measures create jobs?

  1. First of all, the implementation and creation of those measures will create jobs.
  2. The direct execution, the work in those around those projects, will create jobs.
  3. All measures have to be seen in the context, since there is plenty of other opportunities to create business around them, e.g.
    • Water distribution: all the trucks need drivers
    • Logistics: apart from the people who work in the warehouses, there also need to be truck drivers, workshops to repair trucks and cooling equipment, administrative workers etc.
    • Chemical industry: export companies, domestic processing companies, traders of processed goods,
    • In addition to all this: where there are more people there will be more demand for other services, such as shops, restaurants etc.


In general, it is our ambition to create a found basis for further economic development. However, our government will focus on creating the infrastructure, policy frameworks and social environment that enables private investments - local and foreign investments. We want to strengthen the private sector by providing what is required. It is not our ambition to compete with the private sector but to work hand in hand with businesses to make Somaliland thrive.

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