Universal Health Insurance – One for all, all for one

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Universal Health Insurance
One for all, all for one

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„A fortune is worth nothing when one is not healthy. Indeed, health is a tremendous issue in Somaliland with many people struggling with it. It is our utmost ambition to change the current situation to the better. Therefore we will introduce a universal health insurance for everyone. Our long term goal is access to healthcare for everybody so this country can stay healthy and thrive for the future!“

- Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi

Our society needs change. Our hospitals need change. Our health sector needs change. With your approval we will deliver this change by establishing the first public health insurance as a public corporation.


As any insurance this health insurance will be based on solidarity. By everyone contributing a small share the greater good can be achieved.

We propose that any employee, in the free market, government and administration, will pay a monthly premium that is based on a fixed tariff plus a variable.

The tariffs will be based on the income and might look like this:

Income Fix Tariff Variable
< $ 100 per month free and carried by solidarity
> $ 100 and < $ 1,000 $ 3 + 3%
> 1,000 $ $ 10 + 5%


  • Low income households will be free of charge and covered by solidarity - true to the saying: You can judge a society by how they treat their weakest.
  • Assuming a workforce of 750,000 in all Somaliland and an allocation of 50%/30%/20% in terms of tariff classes that would equal to annual premiums of 156.600.000 $. Based on 4 million people in Somaliland that would equal to an annual budget of 39,15$ per citizen that could be spent on medical treatments and health services.
  • Assuming only half of the population would stay healthy during the year, the spendable amount per person doubles to 78,30$.


Although the annually available amount is not enough to cover all health related costs within the country, we think that this will improve the situation strongly. Most diseases in Somaliland can be treated relatively easily at low costs - if there would be access to health care.


How do we want to organize it?

Once the insurance starts operation, every citizen receives an insurance number and an insurance card. ID and insurance card are proof of legitimacy and ensure the payment of treatments and services.

Doctors and hospitals will then send their invoices to the insurance where the actual payment is arranged.


Are there educational programs planned?

Yes, it is planned to improve the general awareness about hygiene and to educate the people in disease prevention so they don't get sick in the first place.


What will be done with remaining funds at the end of the year?

Until there is a sustainable buffer funds will remain in the insurance company. Later surpluses will be invested in health infrastructure, such as hospitals, ambulances and mobile medical units that will work in rural areas regularly.


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