One Nation

One People

One Vision


What lies behind us, we have achieved together. What is ahead of us will be achieved together. Join me on my way to create a better tomorrow for Somaliland.

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What we will change

1.4 billion liters of water for Somaliland
1.4 billion liters of water for Somaliland „I’m tired of seeing hungering children, dying animals and devastated landscapes. When there

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Lean Government – Part 1 – The way we go
Lean Government: Reduce administration Cut costs Increase efficiency of work force Increase effectiveness of use of assets and finance Introduce

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New Website
Welcome to the official website of Presidential Candidate Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi for the Presidential Election 2017 of Somaliland. Please feel

Read more. New cement plant in Berbera #Somaliland curious if that is gonna take off

2/2 If money from Addis (tax money collected from all the country) would be invested in locally you're cool with it. But when giving your fair share to household you start complaining. Guys, you live in 21st century, not stone age. Together! Not against each other!

Still not getting it why so many ppl from the somali region in #Ethiopia are whining about so many things. All blabla about independence from Addis, oil is ours etc. If you'd be able to do shit, why haven't you done in the past? Why not being part of a prosperous country? 1/2

“Only in the freedom of our speaking with one another does the world emerge in its objectivity and visibility from all sides.” Hannah Arendt

Freedom of expression is a foundational right that other rights depend on. #Ethiopia has opened access to 264 blocked websites/bloggers/ ESAT and OMN. A free flow of information is essential for engaged & responsible citizenry. Only a free market of ideas will lead to the truth.

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My Vision

For the generations to come, I wish for a country of prosperity. Every person in Somaliland knows where we stand today and for everyone it is clear that we have made progress all along in recent years. My vision for Somaliland is a country that is independent - economically and as a nation.

Therefore a lot has to be done and I am willing to work hard for and with you to achieve these goals.


Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi

Presidential Candidate - Somaliland 2017

To the youth

Dear youth of Somaliland,

You are the future of our beloved country! You are the ones who create the tomorrow of Somaliland. It is your ambition, your care and your vision that makes our country strive. It is this energy a country needs to prosper and I see that in so many of you!

I think we all should concentrate this energy to create a better future for our home country – together and united. ...

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To better understand what Waddani stands for and what we want to achieve with you, please take your time and read our manifesto.

The easily browsable online version of the Waddani Manifesto will enable you to understand what our politics of Change is based on, where we want to start and how we want to improve Somaliland.

Click here to read the Manifesto

Agenda 2022

We decided to complement the Manifesto with a separate reform package, our so called "Agenda 2022" which is designed for immediate economic improvements until 2022.

Click here to learn more about "Agenda 2022"

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